Discover the healthy cholesterol-lowering properties of oats

About Oats and Health

This Oats and Health site introduces you to the oat grain, its various food uses, physiological effects and health benefits. Here you can find the latest research on oats in an easily accessible form. We wish to share with you our enthusiasm about the potential of oats for the modern consumer.

We also wish that the site serves as a worldwide forum for the scientists interested in oats. If you wish to present information about on-going research projects, recent publications and other relevant oat information in this site, please send an e-mail to Ms Emilia Nordlund or Ms Annika Wilhelmson, emilia.nordlund(a) or annika.wilhelmson(a)

The site has been originally established by the GRAINITYproject in collaboration with University of Helsinki, University of Aarhus, Nofima, Umeå University, SLU, Wasabröd, Lantmännen Food, Fazer Bakeries, Vaasan Group, Orkla and TINE BA. The current editor is Finnish Oat Association with VTT researchers. 


European Comission has accepted health claims for oat β-glucan to reduce blood cholesterol concentrations and post-prandial glyceamic response. In addition, oat grain fibre can contribute to an increase in faecal bulk.





  10th International Oat Conference 11.-15.7.2016 St. Petersburg